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Our mission is to harness Lansing's potential and facilitate economic growth by promoting environmental awareness, recreation, and a sustainable lifestyle in our town while preserving its historic integrity and charm.​

During the time of the Virginia-Carolina Railroad (later owned by Norfolk and Western) Lansing was a bustling town and a hub of activity. With the loss of the railroad, the Great Depression, several devastating floods and a destructive fire, Lansing was slowly abandoned by business owners and entrepreneurs. These folks left Lansing to move to nearby Jefferson and West Jefferson which were experiencing growth and offered more financial opportunities. Lansing has since recovered aesthetically, but is still working to rejuvenate the economy. The Greater Lansing Area Development (GLAD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was formed in 2004 to bring new business and tourism to downtown Lansing and the surrounding area through town beautification, marketing and branding. The group consists of long time residents, new residents, and part time residents; without the hard work and dedication of these incredible volunteers, GLAD could not achieve all that it has and will accomplish.


Although it has experienced hardships,  Lansing has endless potential that only needs to be realized. We have much to offer to those looking for a quiet place to call home or for those just passing through.  GLAD is here to make sure Lansing gets the credit it deserves. 

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